Who is Nathan Gonzales?

Michigan based 21-year-old music producer and singer-songwriter Nathan Gonzales is "just a hopeful hopeless romantic with a journal full of stories to tell and lessons to share.”

Nathan's been a musician all his life. As a child his biggest inspiration was his mom singing nearly every night on his family’s karaoke machine. Throughout his school life, he was in his middle school and high school bands as an avid percussionist and composed two entire concert band pieces early in his academic career. He had his start in live performance by performing every year for the band camp talent show with his little pastel-colored ukulele. Fast forward to now, he's picked up audio engineering and music production and started making his own music. His most recent project is his EP "PAINT" which is not only a showcase of his vulnerability, but also of his technical ability. All aspects of the EP were written, recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Nathan.

Nathan has also embarked on a couple journeys as an instrumentalist in two bands. He is a live guitarist for 50's influenced pop band "Lyons Lane", as well as the bassist for alternative rock band "drive safe!".

Apart from his music, Nathan has attracted over 15k followers on TikTok and continues to create transparent videos that show his humor and friendly personality. Above all, Nathan prides himself in being an all-around friendly character and has a personal mission to spread peace, love, positivity, and friendships through his music and his online presence. 

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